Our Staff

Our Pastor

Debbie Lefevers

Debbie Lefevers is a long time resident of Monroe County where she and her husband, David, live in Montpelier Estates. She has recently come out of retirement to answer the call to the ministry as the appointed pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Forsyth. She has walked with Christ for over 50 years and God has led her to be His instrument both spiritually and vocally when she was a member of a Gospel music ministry. Debbie looks forward to returning to school to complete a five year Course of Study required to become a Licensed Local Pastor with the North Georgia United Methodist Church.



Church Secretary

Rosalyn Harbuck - Secretary

Rosalyn Harbuck – Secretary

Rosalyn Harbuck is a lifelong methodist and charter member of Christ United Methodist Church.  She has served as church secretary for the past 3 years.


Music Director

Kelli Gilstrap has been active in many areas of music in Monroe Co.  She is an excellent pianist and soloist.  She is active with the Rose theater’s Backlot players.