Stump the pastor update

They finally stumped the pastor

Children’s time at Christ UMC is called “Stump the Pastor”.

Our pastor, Keith Harris, invites children to bring household items to the platform and he tells them a story relating to the item.  Keith has always been successful in  entertaining the congregation with his responses.  Well recently, he admitted he was stumped.  What was the item? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A pokeman card!

Pastor with children

Live Nativity

Christ UMC hosts Live Nativity 2016

Our pastor has set up a nativity set in his front yard. It is manned nightly
by volunteers from the congregation. A friendly reminder to the
community what this season is all about.


live nativity actors

Merry Christmas from Christ United Methodist Church in Forsyth, GA

Memorial Day Tribute 2016

Christ United Methodist Church’s Memorial Day Tribute

The table of remembrance.

The congregation at Christ United Methodist Church in Forsyth, GA participated in the most moving tribute to our fallen warriors that I’ve ever experienced.  Upon arriving, we were greeted with with a table and chair prepared to provided someone with an elegant meal.

Memorial Day tribute


Our narrator read ” the white table cloth represents “purity of intent” ” and continued with an explanation of the significance of each item on the table.  At the conclusion of the narration, the congregation was invited to gather round the table in remembrance of all the nations fallen warriors.  Thank you Keith Harris (pastor) for organizing such a moving experience for us all.



Chicken Que in Forsyth, Ga

It only happens once a year and it’s happening soon.

May 7, 2016 is the date of Christ UMCs (located in Forsyth, GA) annual chicken que and yard sale.

Time for the chicken que is 11:30 til 1:00; the yard sale time is 8am till noon.  Plan now to attend both events.

These two annual events are important to our church. They help raise funds for community missions and programs for our church beyond what is in our budget.  Help is needed for both events.

Advanced ticket sales are the key to the success of this event.  Pick up tickets at the
church office: 417 Frontage Rd. Forsyth, GA 31029

ChickenQ at Christ UMC in Forsyth, GA

chickenQ in Forsyth, GA