Forsyth GA prison ministry

Kairos Prison Ministry in Forsyth, GA

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Many of our members serve on Kairos teams that take the love of Christ into our Georgia prisons.  We have men who serve Burrus Correctional Institute in Forsyth and Baldwin State prison in Milledgeville. Some of our ladies serve at Emanuel Women’s prison in Swainsboro.  If you are interested in learning more about prison ministry, we invite you to come and talk with us.  Pastor Keith Harris has served on many teams and would love to share with you.  We prepare the food that is taken into Burrus on the 2 weekends each year that the “walks” take place.  If you would like to be involved you are most welcomed. We also prepare breakfast and dinner AND provide sleeping arrangements for the team of men involved in each “walk”.    Even those who don’t enter the prisons can help: cooking and serving food, baking cookies, writing letters of encouragement and praying for team members.  More info at this link OR  here.

Along with our ministry to the inmates, we also provide support to the family members of the incarcerated.  This is another branch of Kairos that we are active in.  We welcome anyone who wants to minister to those whose lives have been affected by incarceration.

Visitation to the prisons takes place the 3rd weekend of September and March.